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Morecambe and Heysham

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Winmarleigh Hall 2018





Good Morning All, we are reporting live from WinmarleighHall. It has just gone quarter past seven on this fine Tuesday morning and the children are up, ready and raring to go. We have to say, after a very shaky start to the trip due to some unforeseen circumstances (not enough space for all the luggage), we are ready for the activities that lie ahead. However, before that we need to make sure that we have all the energy we need - breakfast is calling. I wonder if it will be bacon or sausages? 


What a first day we had, a beautiful walk around the Winmarleigh Hall Residence followed by an hour of spare time where we kicked back, relaxed and found the time to entertain ourselves. Some of us chose to play football, others rugby, some of us danced whilst others perfected gymnastics routines. Whatever we decided to, we all had so much fun. After that, we got stuck in to our dinner. Vegetable curry, bangers and mash or steak and mushroom pie - yummy!! We have saved the best until last. That's right, you guessed it, THE CAMPFIRE!!! How could we not enjoy sitting with our peers, building new relationships, singing (screaming) beautiful songs and even toasting marshmallows? Just a typical day at Winmarleigh Hall. Tune in next time.