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In Mathematics this term, Miss Dempsey's Year 6 group will be working hard to develop their understanding of number, geometry, measurement and statistics. We will all work hard to consolidate, and secure, the skills learnt last year, as well as introducing new concepts. Year 6 children will focus on securing written methods for the four operations and developing different strategies for solving mental calculations. Throughout, we will continue to apply our Mathematical skills and understanding to real-life problems and reasoning challenges.

Year 5 children will be working hard with Mr Wilson on all of these things too! So that they will be well prepared for Year 6!


We hope that EVERY child will aim to at least achieve their multiplication and division badges and/or work towards all of their Maths badges BECAUSE the rapid recall of key facts (especially times tables) plays a key part in many aspects of Maths so any practise that can be done at home will be extremely beneficial.



Written & Mental Calculations


Below are copies of our school's written and mental calculation policies for all four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We thought it would be useful for you to see how we teach your children different aspects of Maths! This may also help if you are working with your children at home!

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