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 In English this term, Mrs Martin and Mrs Price's groups will firstly be immersing themselves in a fantasy unit, reading ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stones’ by J.K. Rowling.




As we enjoy this book (one of Mrs Martin's favourites!!), we will be writing setting descriptions, character description and a set of instructions. We will be practising and recapping skills learnt last year as well as learning a range of new sentence structures.




Reading is hugely important for our vocabulary, our writing skills and our ability to access and enjoy the wider curriculum. Where possible, you should be reading each night.


Take a look at some of the recommended books on this reading list, and make sure you let us know if you find anything good!





Its really important to practise your spellings and try to earn you spelling badges. Sometimes it is hard to know how to 'practise', so here are some ideas that you could try out!


Handwriting is really important for making us proud of our work and helping to remember spelling. Here is the handwriting policy in case you would like to do any practise at home.