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Winmarleigh Hall 2011

Winmarleigh Hall - Day 3

Wacky Wednesday


Yesterday was 'Wacky Wednesday' at Winmarleigh Hall. Our children celebrated this by all wearing our jumpers back to front when we went to breakfast! (We did get a few funny looks from the other schools though!)


Some of our activities were indoors yesterday, and we became forensics experts for a few hours in order to solve a crime. Looking for clues was good fun and we got to use some cool hand-held computers to check information on the prime suspects.


Abseiling was a popular activity yesterday, with most of our children being brave enough to give it a go. Well done to Matthew Hanratty who was first down the wall and loved it!


The giant swing was really scary but everybody has tried to be brave enough to get hoisted as high as possible. Sam Boxall-Leck went really high and felt great that he had done it. Lauren Bland was the biggest dare-devil and did it with her arms in the air!


Tomorrow some of us are going canoeing and we're looking forward to that, but we are not expecting to stay very dry!

Winmarleigh Hall - Day 2

Our First Full Day


Yesterday we enjoyed our first full day and had to cope with every type of weather possible. We had rain, wind, hail, thunder, lightning and even a little bit of sun! All of us were outdoors all day for our activities so it was interesting!!


Lots of groups had a go on the zipwire. The tree was swaying in the wind as we were trying to climb up it but it was worth it in the end. A special well done to Keavy Pilling and all the others who overcame their fear of heights to do it.


Some groups climbed up Jacob's Ladder, which was harder than it looked. Tom Horner, Luke Dickinson and Jay Pagett made it look easy though and got straight to the top no problem.

Everyone had a good dinner last night. The choice was hotdogs with chips and beans or chicken curry with rice. Lots of salad and fruit was enjoyed again - the cucumber is really popular!


Our evening activity was shelter building. At the end, each group had to get in their shelters whilst water was poured over it to see how strong and waterproof they had been made. Some were good, some not so. Jack Blessington got totally soaked!!


The night was rounded off with a hot chocolate and biscuit before we went to bed.


WINMARLEIGH HALL DAY 1 - Monday 17th October

Rain, glorious rain!!


All the children have settled in well since we arrived. Beds are made and rooms are looking surprisingly tidy at this stage!


Tea last night was either lasagne or fish fingers. Everybody had chips!! Lots of children tucked into the salad and plenty had fruit.


The evening activity last night was called 'Get Your Own Back' and involved the children completing challenges to win water. The winning team was allowed to throw their water over the teacher. Mrs Perry had already left to 'get the bedtime drink sorted' (conveniently!) so Mr. Smith had the water poured over him!


The activities involved lots of mud and it rained for the whole time so by the time we finished we were all in need of a good, warm shower! Olivia Reid was probably one of the muddiest but it was a close competition!


Everybody went to bed well and had a good night's sleep, ready for an exciting day of activities.