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Physical Education

As a school, we aim to provide a high quality skills based curriculum which inspires all children to succeed in a range of physical activity. We intend for children to be physically confident and gain a good understanding of a healthy lifestyle. We intend to provide a wide range of competition which aims to develop and build character. Our children enjoy participation and competition and therefore we intend for our PE curriculum to be broad and balanced, with an extensive range of extra-curricular clubs and opportunities. We intend for our children to learn the key values that playing sport provides (respect, fairness, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership).


To ensure our children become increasingly competent and confident in different sports, we intend for our children to master the basic fundamental movements of agility, balance and coordination. Children will then progress to mastering the fundamental movement skills of travelling, jumping, striking, sending and receiving. Children then move on to develop fundamental sports skills and then applying these skills to specific sports. Throughout the curriculum we will provide children with a wide range of sporting experiences and challenges. We intend to inspire children to develop the skills to reflect on their performance and demonstrate improvements to achieve their personal best and to be able to recognise their own success.


It is our intent to broaden access to swimming for children as we believe this is a fundamental life long skill, and would therefore like to aspire that all our children, from EYFS to KS2 will participate in some swimming experience over the school year. We intend for all our children to have this opportunity to swim to enable more children to be safe and confident in the water, especially as our surrounding local area is close to many open waters.


Underpinning all of this we aim to teach the Fundamental British Values (defined by our school) by developing:


  • Children who are active when engaging in all aspects of physical education
  • adaptable individuals who can apply a range of skills to different sports
  • children who are adventurous and can take risks within their physical development through providing opportunities to engage in different sports and experiences
  • children who are co-operative with one another as part of a team
  • children who are expressive during performances and routines
  • children who are curious by providing opportunities for children to experience different sports and how to make healthy choices
  • children who are respectful of rules, the opposition and coaches and to listen to feedback from their peers and adults to enhance their performance
  • resilient sports people who can set and achieve personal goals and can apply themselves to sporting challenges and produce their best performance regardless of the end result

Our 2 year rolling programme follows the PE app (overview on app) and should be follow as below:



Year 1/2

Year 3/4

Year 5/6

Cycle A

Straight year group can follow single year program.

Year 1

Year 3

Year 5

Cycle B

Year 2

Year 4

Year 6

Swimming will be delivered to our children in Year 5 on a class rolling programme. The way the curriculum has been planned, allows for the swimming class to still be able to still meet the needs of the curriculum and experience all of the different units. From September 2023, we are broadening our access to swimming, and all year groups will attend swimming sessions for 1 half term. The schedule for our new swimming sessions beginning in September 2023 is as follows –



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Class 6

Year 5


Class 7

Year 5


Class 8

Year 5


Class 3

Year 5


Class 4

Class 5

Year 5


Class 1 and Class 2

Year 6

Year 5

OAA is a part of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 2 and is built into the curriculum alongside outdoor and adventurous days will be offered to our children in KS2. This is a progressive curriculum for our KS2 children and runs in straight year groups.


Year group


Year 3

Climbing and walking at Hutton roof

Year 4

Kayak and Orienteering at Coniston

Year 5

Paddleboard and Kayaking at Fell foot

Year 6

Ghyll scrambling and raft building at Coniston