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Reception Induction

If you have any questions about our Reception induction, please contact us

or (01524) 845708

We hope to make the transition into school as easy as possible and have carefully thought out our induction process. Parents are asked for their understanding and support during this programme; over years of experience, it is clear to us that a sensitively planned start is very important to every child’s happiness and security.


The induction programme includes a number of visits (normally around June) to the Reception classroom for you, your child and any siblings. These sessions are important in helping your child to make a settled start to our school.


If your child is attending a playgroup or nursery, the Reception staff will arrange a nursery visit sometime in June/July. If you would like, our induction process may also include a home visit from our reception teaching team. This is an informal discussion to learn more about your child, but is entirely optional.


In September, children are provided with their own start time within the first week of term. These times are staggered throughout the first week at 15-minute intervals so that each child can have an individual welcome without any hustle and bustle! Once a child has started, they are in school full time.


When arriving for school, children should be brought to the classroom’s outside doors. At the end of the day, the children will be handed over to parents. This is to ensure child safety.


When you drop off and leave your child, it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave the school as quickly as possible - please do not wave at the windows or stand on the pathways adjacent to your child’s classroom.  This can be very distracting for a settled class. If your child experiences distress when being dropped off, please leave him/her with the teachers and make your way to the main entrance where we will help you by discussing the matter further.  You are of course, more than welcome to telephone the school during the day to check up on how your child has settled.


If your child is used to:

  • mixing with other children
  • meeting other adults
  • dressing her/himself
  • using the toilet independently
  • blowing her/his nose
  • recognising her/his name in print
  • eating with a knife and fork


this will all assist in creating a feeling of confidence and security when starting school.

When your child begins school, if you have any concerns about his/her welfare (however “silly” you think they may be) please discuss the matter with your child's teacher.   Matters can usually be resolved quickly if we know about them.

Information will be posted here for our Reception Induction for 2021.