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World War 2 Live Session - 28.01.21


Good afternoon everyone

Thank you so much for joining us for our very first live Children's University event this morning....

As it was our first time holding a session like this unfortunately there were a few technical hitches and I do apologise for these. I have included below the link for the video so that you can watch this at another time.

We have got more live events planned over the coming weeks and will be taking some lessons away with us from today. We will try to do everything live where possible (videos might not work!) We will also ensure that everyone remains muted and the 'pings' when questions are asked are also switched to 'off' as they were a little loud and off-putting. Despite all of this we have already received some good feedback for the session and if there is anything else we can improve on or that you enjoyed, please do let me know.


We announced a code at the end of the session which the children who attended will write into their passports or simply tell you about so that they can gain their credit for CU. This code is ORANGE 1165. 

                                      Children's University Challenges     


Each week Louise will be sending out home learning challenges for you to complete whilst you are at home. You can email your evidence direct to Louise and she will keep your records up to date at head office. Her email address is on the challenge sheets. 


Grosvenor Park Primary School pupils are taking part in an exciting project, called Children’s University. It is available to all children currently in Years 3 to 6. If you are interested in joining please see Mrs McGurk. Passports can be purchased for £3. 


The Children's University (CU) aims to promote a love of learning by providing high-quality out-of-school-hours activities to children. Some of these activities are provided by school, in the form of extra-curricular clubs, and others are in the wider community, by visiting museums etc. As children take part in various activities, they gain credits based on the number of hours they have spent participating in the learning activity. At the end of the year, children are rewarded based on how many credits they have earned and gained certificates to show their level of achievement. A graduation ceremony is held, where children will receive certificates in recognition of their achievements.


We are incredibly proud of the commitment and dedication our children put into wanting to further their learning in their own time. Mr Fern works hard to ensure the staff at Grosvenor Park provide a wealth of after school clubs to suit all ages and abilities - please speak to him if there is a club you would like to know any more about. 


If you are interested in finding out more then please speak to Mrs McGurk who will be able to discuss it further with you. 

If you know of a club or learning activity outside of school that is not yet part of the Children's University project, then this information sheet may be of use. Please pass it on to the leader of the group. It contains details of how they can be validated as an official 'Learning Destination' so that they are able to reward children with passport stamps.




This will happen once a half term. You will recieve a text to ask for the passport to be sent into school. If you miss the deadline, your childs passport will be updated on the next "update day" during the following term. As you can appreicate there are over 50 children participating in this scheme, they take a long time to update and I'd be stamping passports forever more if we didn't have a set date. 


All summer credits will be added onto the Autumn term sheet and sent to CU for recording. 


If you lose / misplace your passport the replacement charge is £3. 


**Remember the idea behind the scheme is to encourage lots of different learning and participation in additional learning after school and outside of school hours. 


***School swimming lessons are not counted unfortunately.