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Winmarleigh Hall 2013

Our First Night!


Bangers and mash and curry were on the menu for tea and we all really enjoyed our food! Mr Kendall will be pleased to know that we used our table manners accordingly :-) Our night time event was 'Wacky Races' where we had to race to a finish line doing various funny actions and wearing silly outfits- Please refer to the pictures! We had a fantastic time. Miss Gornall was pleased with us this morning as everybody slept right through the night and we all feel bright and breezy ready for our activities today.


Another update to come shortly :-)


from Years 5 and 6


Day 2


Bacon and hash browns for breakfast..yum! Our morning activities were 'Animation' and 'Orienteering'. We created our own animated stories using lego and ICT equipment and enjoyed searching for hidden clues in the orienteering activity.


A lovely surpise was waiting for one of us at lunch time: A birthday table complete with balloons and banners was set up for Rhyan (the birthday boy).


After lunch we were very excited as lots of us were looking forward to the afternoon activities, which were 'Jacob's Ladder' and 'Giant Swing'. Lots of us set challenges and surprised ourseleves with how high we climbed/swung. Harrison managed to climb two extra logs than he had set himself on the 'Jacob's Ladder' and Holly even managed to encourage Mr Fern to swing from the highest point of the 'Giant Swing' with her. Well done Holly-Mr Fern hates heights!


Before bedtime, we had a special treat as Rhyan's mum kindly provided us all with a birthday snack.. delicious doughnuts!


Another update to come soon..


Years 5 & 6


Day 3


We had a lovely sleep last night and everybody (including the teachers) slept like a log.This morning, our first activity was 'Animation', where we added sound effects to our lego animations that we created yesterday. They looked really good when we had finished! We then had 'Archery' where we learned some tricky skills. Sadie, Ellie and Ethan were very good at this and even hit the bullseye!!


On the lunch menu today were jacket potatoes with cheese and beans :-) and we were all certainly ready for it! After lunch, some of us did 'Abseiling' whilst others did the 'Trapeze' and the 'Wobbly Bars'. The instructor said that Faye abseiled like a true professional and Lucas plucked up all the courage he had to go to the top of the abseiling tower and hang over the edge! Laura showed huge courage on the trapeze, really pushing herself to climb right to the top of the pole, jump off and hang on the trapeze! 


'Campfire' was our night activity and it was great to sit around the roaring fire and sing lots of jolly songs.


Other mentions today go out to Mrs Thomas, who always manages to get to the front of the dinner queue-well done Mrs Thomas :-) and to Sam Henry, who wins the prize for taking the longest to get his shoes on and off!


Until tomorrow..


Years 5 & 6


Day 4


The sun has been shining for us today and it has been lovely! This morning, we did 'Team Challenge' and lots of us got VERY muddy but it was rather funny and we built on our team skills. Josh was great at supporting his team mates to help them complete the challenge. 


We had hotdogs, omelette and chips for lunch, which set us up well for the afternoon activities- 'Zip Wire' and 'Vertical Challenge'. We had a great time as many of us exceeded the targets we set ourselves. It seems the teachers are having too much fun as Mrs Thomas, Mr Fern, Miss Gornall and Mr Smith all couldn't resist the zip wire and thoroughly enjoyed it!


Jack Carruthers was a superstar on 'Vertical Challenge' and managed to climb right the way to the top, despite his fears- well done Jack! 


At night time, we all put our glad rags on and headed for the disco. The girls looked lovely and some of the boys hairdos were..well.. interesting :-) We had a great time boogying the night away. We then got into our PJs and had a teddy competition before bedtime.. we are awaiting the results.


This will be our final update as tomorrow Miss Gornall will be very busy helping us pack our bags and get ready to come home. We have had a fantastic time but we can't wait to see you..


See you tomorrow

From Yrs 5 & 6