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Grosvenor Park Primary School


We are really proud to be a GREEN FLAG ECO SCHOOL

At Grosvenor Park Primary School we are trying to be more environmentally friendly. We are part of the Eco-Schools initiative which encourages schools to be more environmentally friendly. Schools can earn awards to show how they are being environmentally friendly.

In 2020 we once again achieved the Green Flag Eco-School award. This recognised our achievements in working towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Wildlife garden.


Our wildlife garden is always changing and developing.  It is an outdoor classroom for our children to learn about animal and plant habitats.  Over the years we have had hedgehogs, birds and frogs and toads living there!  We have recently added some colourful bird boxes in the garden that were very kindly bought by Mrs Walkden.



We need you to help us to reduce, re-use and recycle our waste.

Reduce- We reduce the amount of waste we have by being more aware of what they are using and we try not to waste our resources such as paper, water and electricity.

Re-use - We ask for everyone to help us do this! We ask our school family to donate old tea towels so that we can reuse them to tidy up paint and spill rather than using paper towels. We also ask for donations of old wellies that we can use when we are working in our garden. We also reuse plastic water bottles as much as we can.

Recycle - At Grosvenor Park we recycle lots of different things including paper, tin, plastic, batteries, mobile phones and ink cartridges. We have also started to compost our fruit and vegetables from our lunches.

Ongoing and future projects.

Over the last year we have attended Local Primary Parliament meetings at Lancaster and Morecambe College and have been involved with the Eden North Project in Morecambe.  We are looking forward to more exciting new initiatives over the next few years.


Part of being an Eco school is living active and healthy lives. You can be part of this by cycling to school or using our walking bus service.


We try to keep our school grounds looking wonderful so we make sure we put rubbish in the bin.


We aim to use our new outdoor classrooms on a regular basis.  We have arranged 'Switch Off Afternoons' in school. This is where all classes turn off the electricity for the afternoon which reduces energy use and has helped save money too!


Being an Eco-school is all about working together and with everyone's help we can achieve even more awards and recognition for our hard work. We will also be saving the planet! We hope that you can be a part of it too! If you would like to get more involved in any of the projects please let us know.