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How do we adapt the curriculum and the learning environment for children with SEND?

Children with SEND fully participate in the whole curriculum offer and advice is sought to ensure this is achieved in the most effective way. Grosvenor Park School believes that all pupils are entitled to participate in all areas of the curriculum and it is the class teacher’s role, with support when required, to make adaptations to ensure that children with SEN can access the learning. This can mean teachers plan to:


  • Use a range of multisensory techniques.
  • Pre-teaching content or vocabulary
  • Support over-learning of concepts
  • To provide additional apparatus or materials
  • To adapt and adjust resources and materials to make them accessible for students with specific learning difficulties.
  • To provide additional adult support
  • Adapt the classroom displays and resources to make them more accessible. 
  • Alter the layout of the classroom to facilitate a need. 


Where needed, the school will provide the teacher with the appropriate training and advice to ensure adaptations meet the child’s needs.


The school actively seeks advice from outside agencies to support our teachers in providing the best possible education for our SEND children.