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Morecambe and Heysham

Grosvenor Park Primary School

Winmarleigh Hall 2012

Day 1


We've arrived! After having a tour of the site and meeting our main instructor, Phil, we've been playing some games and getting settled into our rooms. Dinner was good - cumberland sausage with mash or chicken curry.


Tonight, we are playing a game that involves working in small teams and looking for clues around the site. We're all armed with our torches and ready!


A big thankyou to everyone who came to wave us off. It was nice to see so many of you there! I think we will all sleep well tonight even though we're excited about our activities for tomorrow.


Day 2


Today has been great fun! All groups have been on the giant swing. Special mentions go to Theo, Matthew Sheard and Erin, who all overcame their fears to go higher than they thought they would.


We've also had some groups on the climbing wall. Lydia Corney was great and went higher than last year and Adam Parkinson and Hollie Woodburn raced all the way to the top!


Jacob's Ladder was no problem for Ella, Jordan, Louis and Amy who all reached the top in no time. We're really proud of all the children as they have been challenging themselves, trying their best and overcoming their fears.


All the children slept really well last night, no problems at all. The teachers are hoping for more of the same tonight! 


Day 3


Last night, we had a disco and there was some great dancing on show, by both teachers and children!


Today we’ve had lovely weather (the sun came out for 5 minutes at one point!) and most groups have been on the quad bikes. This was really popular and Luke was like a racing driver zooming round the track!


In the afternoon we were all building rafts together. Most rafts stayed together on the lake but Owen Fisher and Ethan Bland managed to slip off theirs and fall in anyway! When we had finished everyone ran across the jetty and jumped in! It was great fun even though the water was quite cold!


We've all warmed up and got clean with a good shower and now we're heading off for a campfire.


Day 4


Last night's campfire was really fun. We learnt some new songs and had a special visitor - Mr Wilson!


This morning all groups have done a session of animation and made a movie (lasting between 30 seconds and a minute!) in the style of Wallace and Gromit. Some have also been outdoors, showing good team work on the low ropes. Ryan and Zach really enjoyed this!


Two groups have been on the parallel bars, with Hubert and Jess making it right to the top and even doing some dance moves whilst they were up there!


The weather has stayed really good for us but it is starting to get a bit colder. We're having loads of fun and are a bit sad there is only one more night but we're looking forward to seeing everyone back at home. See you all soon!