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In Mathematics this term Year 5 will be taught by Miss Walton and Mr Wilson, whilst Year 6 will be taught by Miss Dempsey, Mr Fern and Mrs Pugh. Year 5 will continue to develop our understanding of place value. We will be looking at formal written methods addition and subtraction. We will also study multiplication and division, as well as fractions, percentages and decimals later in the term. We will learn about perimeter and area. As well as, volume and capacity.

Year 6 will also be deepening their understanding of place value. They will continue to develop their arithmetic skills in preparation for the KS2 SATS in May. Year 6 will also continue to develop their understanding of algebra, statistics, area and perimeter, and position and direction.  


Practising you Maths skills at home is a great idea. Here are some links you could try to improve your speed and accuracy.



Throughout, we will continue to apply our Mathematical skills and understanding to real-life problems and reasoning challenges. 

Let us know where you use Maths in your every day life!


Times Tables

It is incredibly important that you know and can recall your times tables in Year 5 and 6. If you haven't already got it, work hard and practise often to earn your Red Badge.

Calculations Policy

Here are our calculations policies. From here you can see how we build skills in adding, subtraction, multiplication and division. This may help you support learning at home.