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All about Miss Rafferty


Miss Rafferty's favourite term has finally arrived! Not only is it the beginning of a new school year BUT it means Christmas is around the corner! It won't be long before Christmas Play rehearsals begin and the children take to the stage like the Hollywood superstars they are!


Miss Rafferty is looking forward to seeing the playing and learning that will take place in the beautiful KS1 classrooms. They are newly painted and full of amazing resources! Her favourite area is the magical library! 


Miss Rafferty loves singing and dancing and has found her favourite place in the outdoor area... the Theatre of Dreams! She's usually up there performing with the children. She nearly always wears high heeled shoes so you can normally hear her before you see her! Miss Rafferty gets lots of comments and strange looks from other members of staff on the rare occasions she is in flat shoes. It's usually when she's tired!


When Miss Rafferty isn't at school, she's probably exploring a new place or walking down the prom with her family and a coffee! BEES are one of her favourite animals and there are LOTS around the classroom. (Not real ones!) Miss Rafferty says Class 4 are like a beehive; they all work together as a brilliant team and she is the Queen! *


*(Only joking!)