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Our Charity Work

Each year our elected School Parliament choose a charity to support. Over the years we have raised thousands of pounds through a variety of events.

School Parliament have already met this term and we are currently deciding on which Charity to support.  We will let you know as soon as possible.

2019 / 2020

Our work in 2019/20 focused on supporting less fortunate people in our local area as we collect much-needed items for the Morecambe Bay Foodbank.

2018 / 2019
Vale View Daycare Centre

This year our School Parliament chose to support a local day centre for the elderly called Vale View.  Instead of raising money we asked everyone in our school family to invest time and effort into donating ingredients to help us make Christmas and Easter hampers.  We have also invited the day users to attend school events and visited to play games and help out.

2017 / 2018

In 2017/18 we supported the work of 'Guide Dogs'. We were successful in sponsoring a litter of puppies and raising around £2,000 in financial support. 

2016 / 2017

Our school Parliament selected The British Heart Foundation as our chosen charity in 2016/17. Our fundraising this year blew the roof off our previous years accumulating in a whopping donation of £6,000 - thank you so much!!!

2015 / 2016

In 2015/16 we selected LDHAS as our charity and rather than ask for money, we asked our school family to donate items of need for this worthy local chairty.

Towards the end of the year, Dylan and Phil (from LDHAS) came to talk to us about homelessness (and they really challenged our perceptions of homeless people). 

During the year, we estimate that we donated thousands of food items to LDHAS worth around £3,000!! Way to go, Grosvenor Park School!

2014 / 2015

St. John's Hospice was nominated as our charity in 2014/15. It was a whopper of a year as we managed to raise of £2,600 - thank you all so much!

2013 / 2014

Back in 2013/14, our School Parliament chose 'The NSPCC' for our school charity. We raised over £1,600 over the year (what a year!)


2012 / 2013

In 2012/13 we supported two charities. The first was our local A+E department at Lancaster Royal Infirmary. The second was a charity sponsored by Miss. Callan.

2011 / 2012

In 2011/12  the children's parliament selected "Help for Heroes" as our school charity.

2010 / 2011


In 2010-2011 our school supported the RNLI. Over the year we raised over £700. We also won an award for our efforts in supporting the RNLI.