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In Science this term we will be exploring/learning about: “What forces are there in everyday life?”

By the end of the unit, we are aiming for the children to know: 

  • A force causes an object to start moving, stop moving, speed up, slow down or change direction.  

  • Gravity is a force that acts at a distance. Everything is pulled to the Earth by gravity. This causes unsupported objects to fall.  

  • Air resistance, water resistance and friction are contact forces that act between moving surfaces.  

  • The object may be moving through the air or water, or the air and water may be moving over a stationary object.  

  • A mechanism is a device that allows a small force to be increased to a larger force. The pay back is that it requires a greater movement. 

  • The small force moves a long distance and the resulting large force moves a small distance, e.g. a crowbar or bottle top remover.  

  • Pulleys, levers and gears are all mechanisms, also known as simple machines.  



In Geography this term we will be exploring/learning about: “Eastern Europe”. By the end of the unit, we are aiming for the children to: 

  • Locate countries considered to be Eastern European  

  • Consider the key human and physical features of Russia and compare to the local area and UK as a whole. 

  • Know the climate and biomes of Russia  

  • Understand Russia’s role in global trade  

  • Know how Russia create energy  

  • Understand the human and environmental effects of the Chernobyl disaster.