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At Grosvenor Park Primary School we intend to develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding within Mathematics. It is our intent for all children to be able to understand, use and manipulate numbers to achieve a wide breadth of outcomes. We intend to immerse children in a number-rich environment to develop a deep love of using and applying numbers. Children will be exposed to real-life scenarios involving the numbers, shapes and statistics, which will branch out into a greater appreciation for the role Mathematics plays in the wider world.


Through a deep understanding, children will develop a quick recall of key facts which will help them unlock a wide range of mathematical concepts. We aim for learners to become competent in a range of methods allowing them to investigate and problem solve in a resilient and enquiring way.


Underpinning all of this we aim to teach the Fundamental British Values (defined by our school) by developing:


    • adaptable mathematicians who are able to visualise mathematical concepts in a variety of ways and explore different methods
    • learners who can express their ideas about problems, as well as the questions they have, in a coherent way that develops their own understanding and the understanding of their peers
    • children who are adventurous when trialling methods, facing new learning and experimenting with different ideas
    • co-operative individuals who are able to share their own ideas, and take on board the suggestions of others, to develop arguments and explanations about mathematical reasoning
    • curious children who have the desire to learn more about new mathematical concepts (and build on what they already know)
    • resilient learners whose understanding of mathematical concepts allows them to stick with a problem and task
    • pupils who are respectful as to how Maths inter-connects with different subjects and disciplines
    • mathematicians who actively investigate and look for a range of solutions, using a plethora of tools and methods

In EYFS, Maths is taught 5 times a week, in 15-20 minute inputs. This learning is then followed up in ‘Play and Learn’ with real-life maths being pulled through a variety of areas of provision. Teachers in Key Stage 1 and 2 should also plan for a minimum of five mathematics lessons each week. In Key Stage One and Two, lessons should be 60 minutes long.

Teachers should plan from the Curriculum Planning Document for their year group, which can be found on the Maths webpage on the website. For Year groups 1-6, these documents are based on Collins Connect Busy Ant Maths, with re-organised objectives to better suit Grosvenor Park. For EYFS, this is based on scheme of work designed by school to meet the needs of the Early Years Framework, and then supported by resources from NCETM and White Rose.