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In Mathematics this term, we’ll start with focusing on number and place value. We’ll be doing lots of counting and partitioning so that we have a sound understanding of the number system. We will be using our understanding of number to recognise the place value of each digit in a 2-digit number and using this to compare and order numbers up to 100.

We’ll be developing our number bonds knowledge and start using mental methods for addition and subtraction. If you could support your child at home with learning their number bonds to 10 and then 20 this would benefit them greatly!


We’ll also be looking at 2D shapes to be able to identify and describe each shape’s properties and comparing and sorting common 2D shapes. We will also be looking at length this term, developing our ability to be able to choose and use appropriate standard units of measure to estimate and measure the length of objects to the nearest appropriate unit. 


Year 1 will be taught Maths by Mrs Kelly and Miss Ferguson.

Year 2 will be taught Maths by Mrs Higgens and Mrs Price.

Maths Resources

Calculations Policy

Here are our calculations policies. From here you can see how we build skills in adding, subtraction, multiplication and division. This may help you support learning at home.