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Morecambe and Heysham

Grosvenor Park Primary School

Winmarleigh Hall 2015

Monday 19th October:


Hi everyone.. so we arrived safe and sound!


Our groupie (a member of PGL staff who looks after us all week) met us as soon as we got here and helped us carry the luggage off the coach. This year, she is called Kat and she is very friendly and helpful.


We all found our rooms and unpacked our things before Kat took us on a site tour. We had a play outside where we played volley ball and football before it was time for tea; our first meal was bangers and mash or a tasty, spicy curry: yum! We all had plenty to eat and then we were allowed to have a small snack of our choice before our night time activity.


Our evening activity was '50/50' where we had to work as a team to complete various challenges e.g. Make a bin bag fashion outfit, build a tower out of shoes and make a TV advert. We then had to protect a water balloon with all the things we had won from our previous challenges. The teams that won (because their balloons survived a great fall) got to throw their balloons at the groupie: great fun! (Sorry Kat!)


By 9pm, we were all very tired so we had a quick shower and got ready for bed. We all slept well, ready for a day packed with activities.


More updates to follow.. watch this space for photos.


Lots of love


From Years 5 and 6


Tuesday 20th October


So far we have had an amazing day!


We have made some fantastic achievements; here are a few key moments and superstars to mention:


  • Bailey Bates was a little nervous about the Giant Swing but despite his fears, he made it to the very top!
  • Logan conquered his fear of heights when he walked bravely along the parallel bars (words of encouragement from his sister, who was talking to him over the walkie talkies, really helped this).
  • Jasmine Johnston should be a racing driver when she is older- her quad biking skills are a force to be reckoned with!
  • Toby Kendall was very nervous when he was climbing the ladder to get onto the 'Multi-vines. He was almost ready to get down but his group really cheered him on and, quite incredibly, this encouraged him to walk right across the rope!
  • Daisy Birtwistle didn't want to attempt the Multi-vines as they just looked too high. In the end, she mustered up all her courage and she made it look easy!  


We had pasta and garlic bread for lunch. For pudding, Eddie treated us to a birthday Halloween cupcake- delicious! Eddie was delighted as he got to sit on a special decorated table with all his friends and he blew out his candles whilst we sang 'happy birthday' to him.


We can't wait for the campfire tonight!


Wednesday 21st October


Last night, we had a fantastic time singing songs and listening to stories around the campfire. The adults even toasted marshmallows over the fire and we all got to have some as a treat.


We began today with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast, mushrooms and sausage, which set us up nicely for the activities ahead.


A few key moments:


  • Kirsty McNaughton managed to face her fears and abseiled from the top of the climbing tower. Kirsty explained: "I found it hard to have the courage to put my feet over the edge but when I did it, I felt really proud!"
  • Kieran Leeds & Theo Gregoire thoroughly enjoyed getting covered in 'goo' in the Science experiment and had loads of Scientific knowledge to share.
  • Holly Dacres was unsure about the 'Parallel Bars' at first and decided not to have a go. At the end, when everyone had had a turn, there was still time left. Incredibly, Holly decided to challenge herself after all and she walked along the bar, showing her determination not to give up.
  • Layton Rendell is another amazing quad biker and he rallied around the course with confidence. He also explained the process of condensation very clearly during the Science experiment.


Tea tonight was a choice of gammon and chips or vegetable curry. We were certainly ready for it as we had worked up quite an appetite!


Tonight's activity is 'Ambush'. We are really excited and we have prepared ourselves by putting army paint on our faces! It is basically a game of hide and seek in the dark but Miss Gornall assures us that it will be very controlled and we will always be with an adult so that we can have fun without getting lost!


Thursday 22nd October


We had a fantastic time in the 'Ambush' activity last night and the children behaved really well. In fact- we have been particularly impressed this year with how the children have just 'got on with it' and there has been very few fall outs or issues. (Well done to them all!)


The day began with a breakfast of spaghetti, toast, hash browns and bacon. We then headed off to our morning activities ('Every Day Chemistry', 'Abseiling' and 'All Aboard').


A few key moments:


  • Holly Dacres led by example when she was the first to tackle the abseiling tower and Sefton O'Mara's abseiling techniques were very professional!
  • Georgia Oakes and Olivia Norris have loved being outdoors and have thoroughly enjoyed getting muddy. For most of the week, they have had a face covered in mud and today was no exception!
  • Ewan Griffiths made it to the top of 'Jacob's Ladder': in fact, he has made it to the top of every single activity this week and he has certainly surprised himself.
  • Chloe Richardson and Maddie Grattan both conquered their fear of heights on the 'Jacob's Ladder' and 'Climbing Wall'- great work girls!


Tea was turkey escalopes and potatoes or pasta with meatballs followed by rice pudding. After today's success, we were all very hungry!


Tonight's activity was the disco and Mykolas Giruzis certainly had some moves: what a mover! We will definitely sleep well tonight. Not long until we see your lovely faces now!!


See you soon..


Years 5 & 6


Friday 23rd October


Our final day! We all slept really well again last night after lots of dancing at the disco followed by our 'One Minute Solo Talent Competition'. All children were given the opportunity to perform a short act to entertain the audience.. winners and prizes will be revealed in assembly this afternoon.


Breakfast was toast, beans, omelette and sausage- yum! Our morning activities were 'Challenge Course', 'Giant Swing' and 'Parallel Bars'.


A few key moments:


  • Lucy James was very brave when she challenged herself to go to the very top of the 'Giant Swing.'
  • Maddi Grattan climbed right to the top on 'All Aboard' and she was really chuffed as she has been wanting to make it to the top of an activity all week.
  • Indie Patel pushed herself to walk across the bar on 'Parallel Bars'- well done Indie!
  • Daisy, Amelia, Ellie-Lou, Ella got really stuck into the 'Challenge Course' where they worked really well as a team.


We are just getting ready for our final meal which is 'the burger bar' (the meal that Kieran Leeds has been looking forward to all week).


The children's behaviour has been spot on and they have got along very well with each other. They have been an absolute credit to you all and they have been a pleasure to take on the trip.  We are all very, very excited to see you later but we have had such a wonderful, memorable time.


Over and out from Years 5 and 6, Mrs Thomas, Mr Fern, Mrs Hetherington and Miss Gornall