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Maths Autumn Term Year 5 and 6


In Mathematics this term, Year 5 and 6 will be in looking at the place value of six and seven digit number before exploring negative numbers and roman numerals. We will be learning how to manipulate numbers so that we can add and subtract mentally and throughout we will be applying our skills and understanding to real-life problems and reasoning challenges. We will then revisit fractions including ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. Fractions are always challenging so any practise at home would be hugely appreciated. As always, we will be practising each of the formal methods, relying on quick recall of key facts. 


We really want the children to enjoy maths, be successful and make as much progress as they can as soon as they can. This can be achieved with the help of times tables practise as these facts become crucial in the Year 5 and 6 maths curriculum. A few minutes each night would be greatly appreciated to help ensure the children can recall their times tables facts quickly and accurately. Not only will maths become much more achievable but the children can then get their hands on a red badge (which contains real GOLD!).


Some useful websites for maths include: