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All about...Miss Rafferty


Miss Rafferty is thrilled to be back in school after lockdown and is very excited for the learning opportunities in store for Key Stage One! The Autumn Term is always Miss Rafferty's favourite as it means we're close to CHRISTMAS!

When Miss Rafferty is not at school teaching the wonderful KS1 children, she is most likely shopping or dancing (or both)! She nearly always wears high heeled shoes so you can normally hear her before you see her! 

She loves exploring new places (espeically if there's a good castle or stately home to have a nosey around in) and takes lots of photos to share with Class 4. BEES are one of her favourite animals and there are LOTS around the classroom. (Not real ones!) Miss Rafferty says Class 4 are like a beehive; they all work together as a brilliant team and she is the Queen! *

*(Only joking!)