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Morecambe and Heysham

Grosvenor Park Primary School

Week 2

Resources can be found on Purple Mash or Charanga (music only)



Maths - Bodmas - Word document questions.

English - Story board for part 1 of The Highwayman



Maths - Bodmas missing number questions.

English - Inference about The Highwayman: comprehension questions. 

Spelling - Common exception words quiz on purple mash


Mandarin at 1:30pm Zoom codes on the class webpage.

Choose from the foundation subjects as outlined above to complete.



Maths - Negative numbers 

English - Figurative language: Identifying figurative language from The Highwayman activity on Purple Mash.

Spelling - Dictation


Choose from the foundation subjects as outlined above to complete.



Maths - Negative number problems

English - Modernising the Highwayman: Rewriting the Highwayman in modern language on Purple Mash app.

Spelling - Look, cover, write, check



Science - Reversible or irreversible reactions (sorting activity following lesson)

PSHE - Circle Time and check in on compassion and self-compassion during lockdown. 


In the afternoons, pupils should choose one of the following to complete:


RE - Powerpoint and video links about the Quran then answering questions on Purple Mash app.

Theme - Powerpoint on Anglo-Saxons beliefs (2Do: Theme Religion of the Anglo Saxons) then a Purple Mash writing activity about what you have learned on Purple Mash app 2do: Anglo-Saxon Beliefs

P.E. - January calendar of an activity for everyday (2Do: PE challenges January)

Computing - Powerpoint and database activity on Purple Mash app 2do: Class 9/10/11 databases

Music - Yumu - Listen and appraise Dancing in the Street and Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Science - Powerpoint (2do: Planning an investigation!) on planning a science investigation then writing up title, hypothesis, equipment needed and method on purple mash app 

2Do: Science Investigation: What I have learned template