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Morecambe and Heysham

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Reading and literacy

Discuss the ending. Ask: Why was it surprising that the mouse helped? Why was ‘even the littlest bit of help’ important? What might have happened if the mouse had not helped?



Can you write a thank you card from Tom? (adults can help as much or as little as needed)


  • Use careful sounding out
  • finger spaces


Try this

  • Full stops
  • Capital letters

Wednesday - session 3

Handwriting - letter a
Phonics Learning

th words to read

Theme Activity


Task 3

You have changed so much since you were a little baby but we would love to hear about what you were like. Can you write a list and tell us what you liked to do? An adult might be able to help you with this. 


When I was a baby I liked to ....


Remember to use:

Capital letters to start your sentences.

Finger spaces between your words. 

A full stop at the end of your sentence.