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Angles describing a turn



Spelling: in, im and ir prefix 



Choose from one of the following. All resources can be found on Purple Mash in your 2Dos:


  • Theme - This week, we are starting a new topic! We won't ruin the surprise but you can find a introduction and a follow up task to our new topic on Purple Mash.
  • Science - The Water Cycle (Recap)
  • RE - Rules (The Good Samaritan)
  • Computing - Design a flag
  • PHSE - Internet Safety
  • **Music** - Information about the music task is below, NOT on Purple Mash

This week, we will begin a new unit called 'The Dragon Song'. You should see the new unit when you log in to Charanga.

Step 1

1. Listen and Appraise 'The Dragon Song'. Answer the questions by clicking the 'Appraise' tab.

2. Warm Up Games 'The Dragon Song'. Can you find the pulse and clap the rhythm?

3. Rhythm Grid. Can you make your own rhythms using the rhythm grid? The symbols can represent any sound e.g. square could be clap and circle could be a tap of your foot etc.