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Pastoral Support & Relax Kids

You can contact Mrs Rigby by email at

or telephone on (01524) 845708 (ext 4)

Mrs Rigby is our new Learning Mentor and has lots of great ideas for this year. She has enjoyed getting to know the school family and has felt supported and welcomed in her new role. She has brought lots of new ideas to the school like Family Relaxation classes, 'Unwind the Mind' sessions (her very own well-being class) and 'Chill and Chat' for our Armed Forces familes. You can find Mrs Rigby in the Group Room - she loves her cosy corner!


 Mrs Rigby is always there for support and guidance to children and families within the school. Mrs Rigby is good at understanding and unpicking behaviours, helping us to move forward. She is understanding and always sees things from everybody's points of view. She works with children for a range of reasons, from bereavement to friendship issues, during short intervention sessions throughout the week or within the classroom environment.


Mrs Rigby comes out onto the playground each day to teach traditional playground games to help us with communication and co-operation.

Lots of you saw the affirmation display outside Mr Kendall's office, and Mrs Rigby loves nothing more than when children find her to tell her what each day's affirmation is. The Affirmation Station is back this year with a whole new look and some brand new adjectives to empower us! She does love to remind us all that, 'We are AMAZING!'.


She is a qualified nursery nurse with over 19 years experience of working in various settings (mostly educational) including mainstream and special and she is also a mum herself. Mrs Rigby loves our school family and enjoys representing it as a School Governor. As someone who loves our local area, Mrs Rigby is very excited about her ideas for linking Grosvenor Park with the community!

Children and Family Wellbeing Service - What's On Guide

Summer Fun Day 2021

Transition to High School video

We are so proud to have Mrs. Rigby work with our children for our 'Relax Kids' sessions.


All sessions follow a unique seven-step programme of relaxation:


Little Stars (Pre-School or EYFS)


These sessions introduce the steps of relaxation while having lots of fun.


Magical Adventures (Primary-aged children)


This session offers the unique seven steps while taking the children on a wonderful, magical adventure. 


Chill Skills (Aged 10+)


These sessions are great for relieving the tension of SATs and transitions to high school.


Just Relax for Adults


These are relaxation sessions for grown-ups only. They follow the Relax Kids unique seven steps whilst being tailored specifically for adults.


Family Sessions


These parent/adult + child sessions allow you to share the wonderful Relax Kids experience together.


Bespoke Packages


These can include anything from 1:1 sessions to friendship groups. 


Click on the link below to visit the Children’s Relax Kids page.