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Mrs Price

How long have you worked at Grosvenor Park?

I have worked at Grosvenor Park for lots of years now, probably around 12 years and 2 terms more than Miss Callan.


What is your favourite film?

I like lots of different films now but my favourite as a child was Annie. My sister and I were very dramatic and made up dances and shows. I also love Calamity Jane it's a classic. 


What do you most enjoy about your job?

There are lots of things I love about my job. Everyday is different, the children make me laugh and smile everyday with the funny things they do and say. I love being in EYFS as the children change so much over the year and the learning that takes places whilst they are engaged in play is amazing.

The other part of my job is supporting our children in school with SEND, through working closely with them, their families and teachers, just like all our children seeing everyone flourish is a huge privilege. 

I love our school family and how everyone is loved and made to feel welcome. I also like that we get to be a bit silly and have fun when we are at work.


What are your hobbies?

I have 3 boys who love to be outside (and that keeps me sane too!) so we go swimming, cycling and we love to walk our dog Loki. We also like to go up to the Lake District to go Kayaking. I'm trying to get back into running so I'll hopefully get up to speed soon.