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Morecambe and Heysham

Grosvenor Park Primary School

Learning Challenge Curriculum

The ‘Learning Challenge Curriculum’ is taught as themed units including Science, Geography, History, Art, Design Technology (D.T) and Religious Education.


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During our theme lessons this term, we will be exploring the question: ‘Why would you choose to live in London?’


By the end of the unit, we are aiming for the children to be able to:

  • know why we have capital cities
  • know the difference between a major city and a town or village
  • know the geographical vocabulary associated with cities, including capital, urban, etc.
  • know the names and purpose of many of London’s famous buildings
  • know what we mean by ‘monarchy’
  • know how to use water colours when capturing images
  • know the names of other European capitals
  • know why most significant cities are situated next to a river



In Science, we will be exploring the question: ‘Can you be the next Nintendo apprentice?’;


By the end of this unit, we are aiming for the children to be able to:

  • use a range of recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram
  • compare and give reasons for why components work and do not work in a circuit
  • know how the number and voltage of cells in a circuit links to the brightness of a lamp or the volume of a buzzer
  • know how to plan different types of scientific enquiry
  • use the outcome of test results to make predictions and set up a further comparative and fair tests
  • measure accurately and precisely using a range of equipment
  • report findings from enquiries in a range of ways


Within our D.T tasks, we are aiming for the children to develop their skills and answer these questions:

  • Can you incorporate a switch into your product?
  • Can you refine your product after testing it?
  • Can you evaluate appearance and function against the original criteria?

In our Religious Education theme, we will be exploring the question: ‘How do different religions celebrate marriage?’ Throughout this unit, children will be learning about different types of celebrations and thinking about what is special to them. We will be finding out about different ways to celebrate marriage across a variety of religious communities and reflecting on what we believe about marriage. Within this unit, children will also be developing their Computing and D.T skills in preparing digital presentations and creating a traditional meal from a chosen religion.