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Morecambe and Heysham

Grosvenor Park Primary School

Our School Leaders

Our school operates a leadership structure of a Headteacher who is supported by three able Senior Leaders. Additionally, many of our teachers undertake a 'Subject' Leader role (details below).


Kevin Kendall


Mr. Kendall is our school's Headteacher.

Although he has been working at Grosvenor Park for the best part of twenty years, he is not very old at all (honest!!) He is a huge sci-fi buff and also loves visiting Disney World (Mickey Mouse rules !!). His favourite colour is blue, he loves to eat cheese, loves a fancy shirt and colourful socks! Mr. Kendall likes to keep fit and runs a daily 5km.


His favourite part of the day is when children earn a 5-credit sticker, a red times table badge or are ready for a spellings “all’s”.


As well as his work at GP, Mr. Kendall supports Leadership across the local authority (as a Local Leader of Education) and has enjoyed periods of Executive Headship.


Jordan Fern

Deputy Headteacher


Mr Fern is our Deputy Headteacher.

Hello and welcome to our beautiful school. My name is Mr Fern and I have been part of the Grosvenor park family for seven years. I must admit that time has flown by; I think this is because of the amazing children that walk through our doors every single day – they never fail to put a smile upon my face! You will often find me working with our Year 6 children supporting them with their Maths and English lessons and if I am not there I am often hiding from Mr Kendall in my office. Sorry, I mean busy working on the school’s curriculum ensuring that every aspect of school’s life truly ‘MAKES a DIFFERENCE’ to every member of our school family.


Some highlights for me are: our London and Winmarleigh residential trips, such a fantastic experience where children really develop their independence and thrive off the learning opportunities presented; the wealth of clubs and sporting competitions on offer to all of our children, ranging from football to pottery; the rich Curriculum equipping our children to become lifelong learners and lastly, the unity and togetherness our school shows in every situation.


Emma Price

Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion and EYFS)


Mrs Price is our Assistant Headteacher.

She has worked at our school for 13 years. It has been a great journey and the time has whizzed by. During this time, she has had many roles but has a passion for supporting children with additional needs and our youngest learners in school in our EYFS department.


Mrs Price is very enthusiastic about the benefits of play for all children and encourages this at every opportunity! 


Mrs Price loves to be outside both at school and at home. Whether that be playing in the mud kitchen in school or kayaking and walking with her family and dog at the weekends. 



John Wilson

Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage co-ordinator)


Mr Wilson is our school's Key Stage co-ordinator. 

Since qualifying 23 years ago, he has only taken a one year break from our school family to help out with a small rural school. He is drawn to the Grosvenor Park family because they are a supportive, caring group who work together to make a difference in each others' lives. 


He likes nothing better than to encourage the people that he works with to be resilient learners and to challenge themselves to achieve their best.


All of the work that school has undertaken to achieve three Green Flag awards has inspired Mr Wilson to reduce his carbon footprint by running or cycling to school most days.


At home, Mr Wilson loves spending time with his family, just being together and creating happy memories.



Subject Leadership

English   Mrs Cronin
Mathematics   Miss Seddon
Science   Mrs Pugh
Design and Technology   Miss Lovett
History   Mrs Taylor

Miss Rafferty

Miss Douglas

Art and Design  

Miss Dempsey

Miss Burrow

Music   Miss Gornall
Physical Education   Miss Callan
Computing   Mr Wilson
Foreign Language   Mrs Collins
PSHE   Mrs Birkett
Religious Education   Mrs McGurk