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Home and Remote Learning

Our Timetable and Zoom Codes for Home Learning Lessons


Please find below our individual, unique codes for our Zoom lessons.

You will not need to receive a link for every lesson, simply pop these details into Zoom instead at the allocated times for your lessons!

(Please note that the ID's recently used are normally saved on your Zoom accounts so should be easy to find!)


Class 7

Miss Dempsey

Meeting ID: 543 405 6989
Passcode: 083857

*Monday and Tuesday morning (Y3 and Y4 Maths and English).



Thursday 4th March - World Book Day

Zoom 1 - 9.30am: All of Year 3 and Year 4

Zoom 2 - 11:00am: All of Year 3 and Year 4


Miss Callan

Meeting ID: 269 917 2274

Passcode: 001613


*Wednesday morning (both sessions); Thursday and Friday morning (Y3 and Y4 Maths and English).




Work for week One only is below

Year 3 English


Lesson 1 - using 'a' and 'an'

Lesson 2 - words containing the 'j' sound

Year 3 Maths

Lesson 1 - 3D Shape

Lesson 2 - Times Tables

Year 4 English


Lesson 1 - Homophones


Click on the links below for two online lessons on HOMOPHONES from The Oak National Academy...


Then you can complete the tasks below... (the answers are included in the document so DON'T CHEAT!!!)

Extra Spelling Activity


Click on the link below for a fun website which has lots of brilliant spelling games for Year 4 children!


Lesson 2 - Reading


Read the text about Ancient Rome then answer the questions (which are on the Powerpoint!)

If you are struggling to read the text then please ask an adult to read it to / with you then you can answer the questions together!

Year 4 Maths

Lesson 1

So far this year, we have been looking at place value in 4 digit numbers. Below is a link to a video reminding how to count in steps of 100. Watch the video and try the examples.

When you have finished, there is a Purple Mash 2Do called 'Place Value in 4 Digit Numbers'

Have fun!


Year 4 Maths

Lesson 2

Here are some problems linked to place value. Good luck!


Year 3 & 4 Science

Rocks, Soils and Fossils


Last term, we learned all about different types of rocks and their uses. We also learned about how fossils are formed. Click on the link to find out more/ recap on our learning. You may like to watch the videos and take the quiz to help you remember:





(Learning Summary)

Create a fact file or poster all about what you have learned. You may choose to focus on fossils, rocks or both and you may do this on paper or on the computer e.g. Powerpoint.



  • You could include a labelled diagram
  • You may explain the different types of rocks and their uses
  • You may write in your own words about how fossils are formed
  • If you are stuck for ideas, you could use the template below to help:

Just for fun...

Enjoy these interactive fossil games:

Y3/Y4 Theme


Before Christmas, we learnt all about the Romans!


Here are some of the areas of Roman life we learnt about:

  • Where the Romans came from
  • When the Romans invaded Britain
  • Roman inventions that are still used today
  • Roman Gladiators
  • Boudica and why she was famous
  • Famous Romans (Spartacus, Trajan, Julius Caesar and Livia Drusilla) and what they were famous for
  • How to build a Roman catapult


Use what you have learnt to create either:

  • A poster
  • A quiz (You can use 2Quiz on Purple Mash, it has been set as a 2Do)
  • A PowerPoint
  • A leaflet


(You can use the 'useful websites' below to recap if you need to)


There is still so much more to learn about the Romans!

Choose another area to research and add it to what you have already created!


You could find out about:

  • The Roman Army and life as a Roman solider
  • Famous Roman Monuments and Cities
  • Roman Engineering
  • Roman Architecture  



Useful websites: