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Morecambe and Heysham

Grosvenor Park Primary School


Year 1s

This morning, in Phonics, we will be continuing with the 'or' family and introducing the 'oor' grapheme. 

You will need some paper and a pencil.

9:00am Group 1

9:45am Group 2


In maths Miss Douglas will be showing us how to add equal groups.

There will (not) be a follow on activity on Purple Mash.

10:30am Group 1

11:15am Group 2



Year 2

In spelling, Mr Wilson will be looking at the homophones new and knew.

9:00am Group 1

9:45am Group 2


For maths, we will be learning the x3 table.

10:30am Group 1

11:15am Group 2





Whole School Assembly

There will be a whole-school assembly at 2:30pm.



Joe Wicks does a workout 9-9:30am whilst some of us are having a zoom. You can catch up with it when you have space during the day:

The Body Coach TV - YouTube



This half term we are looking at a unit called "Round and Round". There is a step for each week. This week we are starting with Step 2.

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